When nature gives you bland skies

We can't control the weather as much as we would like to so we could always have ideal photo weather. So what do you do when you HAVE to shoot in the most boring of environments? 

before edit portrait


I think we can agree that the above photo is very...lacking and not what anyone would want, but with the help of some AI software to take the heavy burden off your shoulders to make this shot useable we can save the day. 


after edit portrait


Is it perfect? Naw, but in comparison to where we started, it sure is a ton better. Would a lot of people not like the 'over editing' or 'photoshopped look'; maybe. But at the end of the day we have a photo that looks good, makes the couple look great and they love it, and that is all that matters. 


So next time you HAVE to shoot no matter how bland the weather is, just remember anything can be made into a clean useable shot.