Looking at old photos in this current pandemic

Working from home full time and watching a 3 month old doesn't leave a lot of spare time on the table to double down on other hobbies. But inevitably some time will become open when no amount of Netflix binge watching can satisfy your boredom. 

Going back and re-visiting old photos and redesigning a website gives us time to reflect on work and what it means. For years I thought it took being the best photographer to really shine but that has withered away and all that is left is really a desire to capture the moment and feeling. As we look back at our old photos we more remember the feeling we had at time and reflect on the memories surrounding it versus judging the quality. 

Evaluating old photos can be a great learning experience and reflecting on how you have developed skills and grown over the years, but never be too hard on yourself as we all started somewhere.

Kansas City Senior Portrait Photography