For the Fun of It

It's hard to pick up the camera sometimes. You feel tired, down, the creative juices just aren't flowing. The weather is bleh or you just can't muster the energy to hit the golden hours so you can create these epic master pieces. 

Toddler running in market

But sometimes you just have to pick it up and go. I shoot 99% with a Zeiss manual focus lens and let me tell you, my focusing skills have gotten rusty. Not a good thing to happen when you have no fall back to an auto-focus lens. Can you still get away with missing the focus 100%? Sure, not every photo has to be a technical masterpiece. Sometimes it's just about capturing the moment. 


Toddler waiting for Cotton Candy


It was mid-morning and we went to the farmer's market and I thought - "You know what, I'll take the camera today." I just had knee surgery 5 days ago, the lighting won't be great, I am going to be slow but hey, let's just make it a challenge for ourselves to capture something. Anything.


These won't win any awards but it was fun, captured a moment in time that we will look back on fondly, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the day.