Cross your fingers and hope for the best

Sometimes the stars align just right, and clicking the shutter button at the right moment is a chance of luck more so than skill. 
Dog and baby portrait
A baby and a dog left to their own devices in a completely open field with only moderate supervision is normally a recipe for disaster. However, if you hold your breath, stand on one leg, stick your tongue out and balance a glass of water on your head, you might be lucky enough for them to both cooperate at the same moment in time. 
The fact our 130-pound Anatolian Sheppard calmly sat there with no one holding his leash of directing him, was a pure Christmas miracle as he is normally chasing squirrels.
So in conclusion, if you would like to plan some extremely difficult photos with your pup and baby/ significant other and yourself, feel free to let us know as it is always entertaining!